Ranch Istra Star

About us

Ranch Istra Star has been operating as a small family, recreational riding center for many years. It is located only 10 km away from Pula, at the very entrance of Medulin.

We offer the opportunities for recreational riding personalized for both beginners and experienced riders throughout the entire year.

We use horses of warm-blooded and full-blooded breeds of lower and medium size who for the most time of the year live in a herd and their natural surroundings. On the trail, you are riding with a professional guide, and the groups are small and individually personalized to the knowledge and skills of the rider.

To ensure safe riding conditions and individual approach to each rider, groups consist of a maximum of 5 riders.

Equestrian club Istra Star was founded in 2011 with the goal of developing and increasing the popularity of equestrian sport and recreational riding.

The club is engaged in various activities involving horses and offers riding programs for children and adults.

Ranch Istra Star

Trail Rides

1 h - 30,00 € (226,04 kn*) per person

The trail is 5 km long and it passes through the forest paths, country and gravel roads, meadows and fields

2 h - 60,00 € (452,07 kn*) per person

The trail is 11 km long and it combines riding through the forests, meadows, country and gravel roads. A part of the trail (700 m) passes along the sea coastline with a view of a rocky beaches and the Kvarner islands

Ranch Istra Star

*Fixed conversion rate: 1,00EUR = 7,53450HRK

Riding expectations: when riding out we consider the different levels of riders and their expectations. If you are an advanced rider and some members of your family, friends or partner is a beginner or novice rider* – when riding together we will always adapt the level of riding to the least experienced rider to keep the ride safe and enjoyable.

* Beginner / novice rider = no experience so far or little experience.

Book An Appointment

Horseback riding is possible only with prior notice and appointment booking!

When booking, please state the number of persons, indicate the tour you are interested in and your riding experience so far!

Details & Important Information​

    • Riding is possible only by calling in advance and reserving a date. The ranch is on private property so we CAN NOT accept walk-ins.
    • The ride will take place only in case of stable weather conditions – no wind, rain and mud! In case of unfavorable weather conditions, the organizer has the right to cancel the appointment for safety reasons.
    • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your ride time.
    • Same-day rides may not be available.


    • Horse riding for children: the minimum age for riding is 6 years (riding in a riding arena or short hack in the nature). Minimum age for independent trail riding: 12 years for a 1-hour tour, 16 years for a 2-hour tour. Younger experienced riders on request and with prior arrangement. Please note-there is no “sharing the same horse” allowed for an adult and their child.
    • Our maximum group size is 5.
  • No long neck-straps for cameras of any kind please, and no backpacks. Cell phones are acceptable for taking pictures.
Ranch Istra Star - konji
  • The weight limit: 90kg

  • Dogs are allowed on the ranch but must be on a leash. Dogs are not allowed on trails.

  • Our cancellation policy is 24 hours before your ride start time.

  • Riding experience: Our horses are suitable for both beginners and intermediate/advanced riders. Beginner means a person with no experience so far or little experience.

  • Beginners and novice are not allowed to trot and gallop.

  • Mixed level group (both experienced and beginners wanting to ride together): the ride will be slow, in walk (or faster depending on the least experienced rider). In this case, there is no possibility for experienced riders to ride faster.

  • RIDING ON THE BEACH: we ride only along the coast, we don`t enter the sea with horses. There are no sand beaches in the area. We do not offer swimming with horses.

  • DRESS CODE: protective helmet obligatory (provided), long trousers and appropriate footwear (sneakers, walking shoes. No flip-flops and sandals are accepted).

  • When booking, your riding experience must be precisely explained so the guides can plan the route and pace for the group

  • Riding is at your own risk and a declaration of responsibility is signed before the ride



(call, SMS, WhatsApp & Viber available)



Ranch Istra Star,
52203 Medulin, Munida 3
(in GPS type only “Ranch Istra Star”)


until 1 st April 2024. by appointment only with mandatory priror appointment booking

Horseback riding is possible only with prior notice and appointment booking!

When booking, please state the number of persons, indicate the tour you are interested in and your riding experience so far!

Method of payment: cash

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